George Loynd, Project Executive

We are excited to announce that our George Loynd has been promoted to Project Executive!

George started in 2005 as a Project Manager at KIA in Irvine. Throughout his tenure, George has handled some of our most high-profile projects. A few of these include Hyundai, Western Digital, Fox Studios, St. Andrews, Hotel Irvine, Big Canyon Country Club, and now – Cerritos.

George finds a way to make every project a success regardless of its complexity. He personifies Snyder Langston’s Trusted Advisor value.

An excellent financial manager of costs on construction projects, George is also a wonderful teacher. He has helped develop many Project Engineers in our organization.

When he isn’t building, you can find George tending to his vegetable garden, working on model railroads, making waffles, or schooling his colleagues on railroad and maritime history.

Well done George! We are lucky to have you.