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Interns are valued members of our team and often become full-time employees. We take great pride in the students we select and the fresh ideas they bring to the table. As an intern, you will gain hands-on experience assisting a team on a specific project – that means you get time in the field learning the many components of construction and what it takes to deliver a project of Snyder Langston quality.

Opportunity, hard work, enjoyment, close friends, and family. That is what comes to my mind when asked about Snyder Langston. As an intern, you’re an integral part of the team and the sky is your limit. If you show the grit and passion for this work, they will provide you with tasks and goals that accelerate your career growth. This was my first internship in construction, let alone a professional job, and what I was greeted with is unforgettable. Being able to witness construction methods in real life is far more impactful and educational than listening to a lecture in a classroom or reading a book. Nevertheless, this internship has opened my eyes to the construction industry and has fueled my passion for construction.
I really enjoyed my summer internship with Snyder Langston. I was part of a team on a construction project where I was able to observe the different jobs and perform duties that are reflective of the work that I would be doing upon graduation. Over just a couple of months, I grew as a person and developed relationships with people I truly respect and admire that will provide positive opportunities for my future.
Joining the Snyder Langston team has provided me with the opportunity to learn hands on skills that can’t be acquired in school, all while building lifelong relationships with the team members.
With my time at Snyder Langston as a Project Engineer Intern, I learned a lot about construction, an amount which no classroom could ever teach. Every day was different, exciting, and came with new challenges. I was given many tasks and activities to help the project along. These activities would range from quality control, processing RFI’s and submittals, and quantity take offs. I am very thankful and honored to have had the amazing opportunity to intern with Snyder Langston.
Snyder Langston has given me an outstanding opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.  I’ve been able to improve my technical skills, while also honing in on the soft skills needed to make lasting relationships in this industry.  I could undoubtedly see me working for them in the future.
During my time with Snyder Langston, I gained valuable skills and knowledge that cannot be matched in a classroom. I was teamed up with an awesome project team that didn’t just stick me on one particular task, but a variety of tasks that changed throughout my time here.
The past few months while being an intern here at Snyder Langston have been excellent. Being able to have the hands on experience outside of the class room has been so rewarding. I can’t wait to return back to school to share the knowledge that I have gained and to continue in my education in a career that I’m eager to be a part of.
Working with Snyder Langston as an intern is one of the most valuable things you can do for your education and future career. As an intern with SL, I was given the tools and knowledge to actually be a part of the project team and make an impact on my jobsite. Snyder Langston is a great company with great people and I highly recommend an internship with them.