Service Lines

In order to best serve our clients and have a diverse presence in the marketplace, we have created specialized teams that are uniquely qualified to build specific product types.

Snyder Langston Commercial: Founded in 1959, Snyder Langston builds a diverse range of projects in the commercial space. These include Retail, Office, Healthcare, Education, Science & Technology, Automotive, and Industrial, to name a few. Our mission is to be an exceptional team of trusted advisors collaborating with partners to exceed expectations and build with mastery.

Snyder Langston Residential: Snyder Langston recognized Southern California’s long-term need for high-density residential space and created Snyder Langston Residential in 2005. This group combines the firm’s unique commercial capabilities to serve the Affordable and Workforce Housing, Apartment Homes, Condominiums, Mixed-Use, and Senior Housing sectors.

Snyder Langston Optym: Optym allows Snyder Langston to apply its trademark quality to fast-paced specialized projects. Built for speed in 2003, this flexible team has provided the full spectrum of construction services to projects in a variety of sectors that include: new buildings, tenant improvements, and renovations.