Diversity Program

Subcontractor and Supplier Diversity Program

Snyder Langston is committed to developing and contracting with trade partners (subcontractors and suppliers) that reflect the diverse ethnic and cultural makeup of Southern California. In keeping with our culture of being collaborative, sustainable and inclusive, Snyder Langston shall encourage all of our trade partners to participate in the delivery of projects to our clients based solely on an individual subcontractor’s ability to perform the work, in the time frame available for the project, for a competitive price to complete the project, and to maintain the appropriate level of quality that has distinguished Snyder Langston from its competitors since 1959.

We acknowledge that a diverse supplier base is paramount to the success of Snyder Langston as a corporate citizen, provides a competitive advantage, and is a robust source of new and viable resources to deploy in the advancement of our client’s goals and objectives.

Our policy will be to contract with firms without regard to the ethnic or gender makeup of the ownership of the firm, but will specifically encourage the participation of firms that are at least 51% owned and controlled by a US citizen and one of the following categories or ethnicities:

  • African American
  • Asian Indian
  • Asian Pacific
  • Hispanic
  • LGBTQ+
  • Native American
  • Service Disabled Veteran
  • Veteran
  • Women


In an effort to provide qualified firms access to our projects, Snyder Langston has implemented the following Supplier Diversity Initiative:

  • Audits of our existing subcontractor and supplier database to identify the categories/gender or ethnicities of our current prequalified firms.
  • Continue to prequalify all firms to Snyder Langston’s current prequalification standards. All subcontractors and suppliers must have the safety, financial, and technical capabilities necessary to complete their scope of work to Snyder Langston’s standards. The intent is to provide qualified firms access to our projects, there should be no handouts.
  • Subcontractors and suppliers shall self-certify during the prequalification process, the information shall reside in SmartBidNet, https://smartbid.co/
    Results of Snyder Langston’s Supplier Diversity Program shall be based on total procurement.
  • Purchases to include office supplies, computers, catering, etc. should be incorporated in our efforts to measure the success of our program.
  • Monitor Ownership Diversity of first, and second-tier subcontractors and suppliers.
  • The mantra for our diversity program is “Include One” – which means that each team buying trades will endeavor to have one or more fully prequalified MBE, WBE and DSV firms are included in each trade section. We shall also encourage each of our trade partners to participate in this outreach to include qualified firms for each of their lower-tier subcontractors and suppliers.