Continuous Improvement: Concrete Tilt-Panel Training

As many of you know, a critical component of Snyder Langston is our culture and the values that help to build that culture. This email is dedicated to one of those values: “We grow through continuous learning, sharing our knowledge with others, and applying new technologies.”

Honoring this, SLU offered a course on Tilt-Panel Construction yesterday through the efforts of our Hoag project team. The course included 21 attendees who spent a few hours learning more about how to develop strategies for success in Tilt-Up style construction. Participants included a blend of SL , SLO , and SLR project management, project engineering, and field superintendents with a variety of skillsets. The course was a combination of classroom instruction paired with field practicum.

A big thanks to our volunteer trainers who put in the time to offer their knowledge and experience: Peter Jeong, Scott Hardy, and Chad Divine. Not only did the participants learn something new, but everyone had fun in the process.

The class will reconvene in a few weeks to see the concrete walls they assessed during this class, tilted into place.

Activities like these are a great example of how we honor our culture by acting according to our values and growing as a team.

Below are a few photos of the class in action.