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Masimo Demonstration Showroom

Masimo Demonstration Showroom

Masimo Demonstration Showroom

Irvine, CA

SERVICE LINE: Snyder Langston

This project includes the conversion of an existing 2,000 s.f. conference room into a state-of-the-art demonstration showroom for prospective Masimo clients to use/test their medical devices in real-world hospital environments they were accustomed to. In an effort to replicate the exact setting/surrounding each surgeon or user-operated in, highly complex theatrical lighting, controls, and High-Definition projectors hidden above ceiling were used to theme each room by projecting a digital image onto dimmable electrically charged glass partitions. The showroom includes an operating room, pre/post-surgery beds, NICU, central nurse’s station complete with medical gasses where appropriate. The ceilings incorporated modular Steris Clean Suite and equipment booms within the operating room surrounded by a unique stretch PVC ceiling by Barrisol.

During preconstruction, because as-built drawings of the existing space were not available, a laser scan of the entire area was conducted and converted into a Revit model, providing highly accurate and real-world coordinates (similar to Google Earth) from which the design team could depend on for their design development.

Because the existing building structure could not withstand the added weight of the new improvements, a separate structure within the showroom was created using structural steel and concrete grade-beams to which the new improvements would attach. Due to the significant number of overhead elements, Building Information Modeling (BIM) was utilized (to LOD 400) to coordinate these elements and was expanded to also include below ceiling elements also with clearances as tight as a ½ inch. Later, the BIM was used to graphically render the showroom to Masimo so they could visualize the space before it was built. As a result, the final design perfectly delivered upon Masimo’s vision for this space.

During construction, the showroom was built-out while surrounding spaces were in full operation. Logistics, materials deliveries and noisy work were done off-hours making the construction site seemingly invisible during the daytime business hours.