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Fountain Valley, CA

SERVICE LINE: Snyder Langston

Snyder Langston provided construction consulting services for the new Hyundai Motor America Headquarters building and parking structure on an 18-acre site in Fountain Valley, California. The existing site contained the previous Hyundai Motor America Headquarters facility which was demolished to make way for the new development. The 469,000 square foot, six-story,  steel framed glass and aluminum clad building with a 150’ x 150’ center courtyard included 4,516 tons of structural steel and featured buckling restrained brace frames to support the long spans of the open courtyard ends. The building also includes interior north and south atriums with a dedicated smoke evacuation system, two open atrium stairs, a one story 69,000 square foot technical services wing, and a full-service kitchen and cafeteria.

The office building is being designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. The post tension concrete parking structure will consist of five levels accommodating 1,535 parking stalls.

There are an additional 437 surface parking spaces. The landscaping includes (33) 70’-80’ tall pines trees saved and re-planted from the existing site. This landmark facility for Hyundai Motor America will serve as the auto maker’s North American Headquarters. The project involves close coordination between the Snyder Langston team and the owner, Hyundai Motor America; the general contractor, Hyundai AMCO; the architect, Gensler; the client representative, Cresa Partners, and all affected city and governmental agencies.

Project Awards: 2014 REmmy Awards – CoreNet Global SoCal Awarded Leadership Award for an Innovative Project to Hyundai Motor America and its team -Hyundai Engineering America, Gensler, Snyder Langston, Cresa, and Turelk