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Studio City, CA

SERVICE LINE: Snyder Langston

Pre-construction, design assistance, value engineering and general contracting services for the studio’s three phase project which includes the construction of two 18,000 s.f. and one 25,000 s.f. television recording sound stages, as well as a four-story, 80,000 s.f. steel framed office building counting dressing rooms, production support space and prop storage.

The three new sound stages consist of tilt-up construction with 60-foot high wall panels. The project features a clear span timber truss roof system and mechanical and electrical systems which meet studio sound attenuation requirements.

All work was completed on a 24-hour operating working studio lot which can not shut down or suffer any form of disruption.

Project also consists of the construction of a 120-foot vehicular bridge across the Los Angeles River to provide greater access the studio lot.