Update Offices & Vacation


I hope you all enjoyed a nice Memorial Day last weekend and are looking forward to this upcoming weekend. We all definitely need our mental breaks during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history and I hope you have been able to enjoy this nice Southern California weather. With that, I’d like to communicate a couple of important pieces of information.

Main Offices

As our local and state governments have started allowing many businesses to re-open, I want to communicate that Snyder Langston will proceed slowly and conservatively. Starting June 1st, our 3 main offices will open for voluntary return to the office with the required protocols in place. If you are interested in returning to the office, even part time, please work with your supervisor so we can manage the number of people in the offices to no more than 50% of the total occupancy at any time. Again, this return is voluntary at this time. We have also developed a Return to Work Protocol training video that everyone must watch and acknowledge on Paycom. Stacey Perusse will send out an e-mail with instructions shortly.


For our jobsites, please continue to work with your Project Executive to manage the number of Snyder Langston team members on-site as appropriate. Since each jobsite office is unique and many of our team members spend a lot of time outside in the field, the 50% guideline doesn’t apply. Please work together to use good judgement, make any necessary adjustments to the work areas and maintain social distancing as well as follow all other protocols.


As we have all been dealing with the added stresses brought on by the COVID-19 situation, it is more important now than ever for each of us to ensure we maintain our mental and physical well-being. I encourage each of you to work with your supervisor and teams to take vacation time in June and July. This might be 3 or 4-day weekends, a day off in the middle of the week, or a whole week off. I understand that the typical summer vacations aren’t available, but we still must take time away for our own mental and physical health.

Thank you all for your efforts through this time and for keeping our projects moving forward on schedule through all these new challenges. Please keep communication high with your teams and feel free to speak up if you have any concerns.


Jason Rich
President & COO